marketingThe most important asset of any business, including yours, is not the fixtures, the computers or even the people. The most important asset is “the list.” It is that collection of names and addresses of everyone who has ever expressed any interest in hearing anything you have to say.

These are people who will give you permission to market to them. In my law practice, the list is made up this way:

1. Every person who raises their hand to request any of our information

2. Every potential client who comes from any other source, but who has contacted us

3. Local attorneys who do not compete in our area of expertise (personal injury, medical malpractice, and ERISA disability)

4. All of our vendors

5. All of my local friends and relatives

6. Other professionals who would likely be in a position to refer clients to us

We have one staff person who is in charge of maintaining the list. (We keep this list outside of our regular case management software.) We find MyMailList to be a simple program to use to maintain the list. For each issue, we simply email the list to the mailing house.

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Contributor: Ben Glass is an information marketer and a practicing plaintiff’s personal injury and medical malpractice attorney in Fairfax, Virginia.. Visit or mail to

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