In speaking with numerous people, I’ve found that many who consider getting involved with any online business, be it Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Direct Sales, etc., tend do so operating under what I call “The Fatal Assumption”.

What’s “The Fatal Assumption”?

The Fatal Assumption is that

“Your target market clearly understands and knows exactly what it is that you’re offering and how to use it to realize their personal financial objectives.”

Now, many opportunities these days appear to offer value whether it’s real or perceived value. However, those same opportunities seem to perpetuate “The Fatal Assumption”, which I believe severely limits ones ability to produce and maintain the wealth they hope to achieve.

I submit that when you fully understand “The Fatal Assumption”, and discover how simple it is to overcome, you’ll find (as I have) that you significantly enhance your ability to create wealth for yourself and for others.

We all share the desire to improve our quality of life by making an effort to generate more wealth and income with an online enterprise. However, it’s my view that the successful execution of ANY wealth creation strategy is directly related to one’s ability to

a) Manage their own personal finances.
b) Learn and apply sound business principles to the
operation of some revenue producing activity.
c) Learn and apply an effective, business system
with support and guidance.
d) Sustain desire and passion for their business purpose.

This is just part and parcel of being financially literate.

Now, if any of what I’ve said here makes sense to you, then I invite you to CLICK HERE, and discover how my team and I have overcome operating under “The Fatal Assumption”.  I also invite you to join my team to achieve the results that you may be looking for, but haven’t yet realized.

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